Alper Gül
Things about me

Hello everyone!

I joined Italki last year and I liked it so much but after a while I started to not opening this site anymore and forgot it. I have been learning English for 7 years and I'm 14 years old. That means I started it just after I learn how to read and write, I gave it my years. I attended many courses, got private lessons (in fact just a few times), and after years I got scholarship from Türk Eğitim Derneği (Turkish Education Association) -one of the best schools in Turkey was lit by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk- because of my language skills. And that helped me very very much to improve my English and it made me learn German as well. 2 weeks ago I graduated from the school and unfortunately I won't go on at this school.

I love French so much, as a language it's my favourite.  I love the United Kingdom so much, as a country it's my favourite. With both English and German, I started to learn French too. But I could never go to a course because it's not much common language in my city, due to that there is only one and it's too much expensive for me. Therefore I studied it with books till the basics. Then I discovered an application called Duolingo which provides you to learn many languages in a very easy way. Thanks to its showing pictures, words you learnt, and grammar rules so often, there would no time to forget them! And it warns you regularly to revise everything you learn to not forgetting then and keep them in mind.

Since I'd singed up on this website, I looked for a friend to teach me/help me to improve my French. I couldn't find though I messaged many people about this, I guess that's the reason my age why don't they take me to heart! I wrote this to check ones who are native. Thanks you so much!

King regards! 

Jun 27, 2014 12:36 AM