where to start learning russian ?


How can I start to learn Russian?

what is thre best way to take ?



Jun 29, 2014 12:49 PM
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The best way is passion – deep hot burning passion that sears through your bones and your blood. Your back chills when you hear the force and emotion in Vladimir Putin's magnificent voice, or the powerful songs of Пелагея. You smile to yourself when you see a close Russian friend named Irina, whose face radiates with optimism and humour. Words like чудо and прикол enrapture you and hold your attention. Soviet cartoons enliven you and help you see life from a different point of view. The sound of the word Половинка on Forvo excites you. While reading Dostoevsky, you feel the weight of humanity, which balances well with the optimism of your close Russian friend. Hearing the "great and mighty" (as put by classic author Ivan Turgenev) Russian language, your ears will be eating several "courses of dessert" each day. 

That is, from my point of view, the way to success. 

June 29, 2014

<em>Hi) Well, at first, start learnin' the alphabet then find a person who may help you or just  write to native speakers) And ,of course, the main thing is your will) </em>
<em>Good luck</em>
<em>P.S. feel free to contact me if you want :)  </em>

July 5, 2014

Do you speak engilsh well? You can download Russian Language Learning Pack from torrent bay (a lot of resources from Russian libraries unaviable in your country or, mostly out of print books) You can also use Rosetta Stone (great program for beginers) or soon (give or take 6 months ) Duolingo.


My list of popsa (russian pop) ;


I am past that, i listen to наше радио 


powodzenia :) Medard

June 29, 2014