Sad diary 悲伤的日记-01

I feel terrible,I met my former boss is a Korean,We're about the same age.In the company for five years,I always treat him as a friend,He is also very nice to me,If I want to eat something, he will take the whole department people to dine together, then go to eat something I love to eat,I think I'm a little care about him

Sometimes he returned to South Korea, I will dream of him in my dream,The second day I will receive his telephone, asked something about the company Or the next day he will come back from South Korea, I will saw him 。Sometimes I'm busy doing data, i can feel when he comes, when I looked back, he has really come,

I don't know how to explain these things,Sometimes there seems to be a telepathy,I guess I like him .Though we can't love each other,he is the boss, I am a small staff

When the company got a new manager,My immediate supervisor。He and I have some conflict,I'd had enough, so I quit.When I quit, my boss to retain me but I will still go


Jun 29, 2014 1:16 PM