World Cup 2014

What do you think about Brazilian World Cup 2014? 

I should say that referee´s level is not the best. is it?

I hope Costa Rica or Colombia win the Championship due to their level of commitment and solidarity. It´s a pity that Spain, England, Rusia and others good teams have been eliminated in the first part of the competition, but everybody agree on one point, they haven´t done great football....

Anyway, it is said that Brasil will win the World Cup because they play at home, I don´t think so. Brasil is doing a very poor football tactically. They only depends of the Neymar´s day and I not sure that´s worth them.


On the other hand, the best team on a tactical and even tecnical level will be Germany. T.Kroos, Muller, Mesut and company are the best when they play together...

Jul 1, 2014 1:20 PM
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Ale all players received 80.000 € for the qualifications in World Cup so thinking they pay European teams to lose is spend money and they want win money ^^ the tickets for the games coust 600€ ^^


Now in relation to referees is a shame they look bought :) game of France was a shame but Mister Platini is French  :) (President of FIFA Blatter is Swiss and of UEFA the Platini is French) so they give a "help" to them teams.


I hear in theories of conspiracy and I quote: "If Brazilians lose against French next World Cup (2014) will be in Brazil". And that really happened.


My favourite teams are: Netherland and Belgium I hope one of boths win.

Game of Netherland was also a shame against Mexico because the reefair is known in Portugal as a corrupt official he have a lot of scandals.


1st game Brazil vs Croatia was unfair, the same for the game of Mexico where in total of 4 goals they canceled 3 and just 1 was suppost be canceled, the game of France was also unfair the goal of Ningeria was clean, etc they are the best reefairs of continents, but we aren't stupids, world cup is in Brazil so if Brazil had lose in 1st games and didn't pass imagine the reaction of people, the Presidents of UEFA/FIFA are French and Swiss, we just need think a little...corruption exist in everywhere, ofc we support the teams we like or from the country we born...

July 1, 2014

I'm sorry, I'm new here do not know how it works. (my english is bad)
I agree with you. The Brazilians were surprised negatively expecting much more selection. Even in the Confederations Cup, we were more strategic.
We still hope that things will change.

July 1, 2014

i thin kthat everything is planned and that they paid the European teams to loose 

July 1, 2014