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Hi iTalki,


Is there any chance of encouraging more Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong to become informal tutors?


There are only two at the moment, I believe. 



Jul 1, 2014 2:03 PM
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Posting an ad on some HK online forum will make you get the local tutors easily. Good luck.


( By the way, learners would take "Guangzhou accent" and " HongKong accent" as standard Cantonese. There are minor differences in accent and vocabulary among both accent.


Maybe the most different is between English influence on HongKong Cantonese, and Mandarin influence on mainland Cantonese.)



July 2, 2014

Sophia - yes, but they're mostly from China. The Cantonese from Hong Kong and the Mainland are quite different, and I'm looking for HK Cantonese. :)

July 1, 2014

Hello :) I search and I found 4 teachers and 19 tutors of Cantonese :)

July 1, 2014

how about MACAU Cantonese? :P


October 16, 2014

Ha Olly gotcha~~~ i surfed online and read the posts you wrote. That`s how i discovered italki through ur site :-D


Italki is not a well known site in hk i am afraid, and it seems not many teachers who r hongkongers are used to teaching online. My local classmates in MA in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in PolyU, for example, are actually full time teachers who need to teach South Asians Chinese in primary or secondary schools. 


If you are looking for tutors from hk, perhaps you need to try websites like geoexpats or other local sites... 


I am new to this site so i dont know how to register as a tutor yet (will check the help page soon ... Just give me some time). Hope i have a chance to chat with you on italki or other channels~


PS i have taught a german and a philippino Cantonese (Face to face in hong kong though) recently, plus checking this site, i found that in fact there are sooo many people around the world wanting to learn my mother tongue ~ fascinating!

December 7, 2015
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