Sense and usuage difference between la langue and le langage?
Jul 1, 2014 9:05 PM
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"Langue" can mean the human part of the body - tongue ; and it also can mean language ( in the sense of a system of comunication used by a particular country or community. I will give you few exemples in which this word is used:

Ce livre a été traduit en 20 langues : This book was translated into 20 languages

Je parle couramment 5 langues : I speak 5 languages fluently 

La Langue des signes américaine est parlée par 2 millions de locuteurs : The ASL is spoken by 2 million speakers.

"Langage" may refer to the phraseology and vocabulary of a particular profession, domain or group ; the method of human comunication, the way in which a group communicates in a language, or the computing system of symbols and rules for writing programs. Here are more exemples: 

Le langage corporel est important pour un maître de conférence : The body language is important to a lecturer.

Le langage juridique est très difficile à comprendre : The legal language is very difficult to understand.

Je n'aime pas le language Java :  I don't like the Java language

Les jeunes utilisent un language trop familier pour parler à leurs amis : The youngsters use a very familiar language to speak to their friends. 


July 2, 2014