Is anyone else here learning Sanskrit that speaks either English or Spanish?

I just started learning Sanskrit and would like to connect with others who are doing the same. 


I'm learning the alphabet from videos Bunty shared with me and learning mantras. 

Jul 2, 2014 12:29 AM
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अहमल्पं संस्कृतं वदामि

अहमल्पं is not a word.


नमो नमः = Greetings (devine)

अहम संस्कृतं वदामि ।

अहम =  I

संस्कृतं = sanskrit (Objective, Accusative case )

वदामि = speak

August 20, 2014

Bunty, you ARE my teacher, and I'm your teacher! 


So, Bunty, did you understand what Алексей wrote? 

Can you translate it to English for me?



July 5, 2014

 नमो नमः
 अहमल्पं संस्कृतं वदामि :) 

July 5, 2014

Interesting. Thank you Elias! I am not on facebook I'm afraid. :(  Does he have email? 


I understand that Sanskrit is spoken as a native language by only about 4,000 people and some are trying to revive it. The definition of a living language though is one that changes. I somehow doubt that Sanskrit is going to be changing much. It's a scientific language designed to be the most direct link to the sounds of creation so I doubt people are going to be messing with it much. :D Strangely though, that's what appeals to me about it. It's outrageously unique. All Indo-European languages evolved from it including ancient Greek and Latin. It's like the root chakra of all language. Ha! :) 





July 4, 2014

Thank you Elias! Is he here at italki? I am just starting. I'm trying to learn the alphabet now. 


Bunty, you might be learning too, but you are my teacher! :D You were the one who told me it was possible to do and sent me those great videos. Thank you.



July 3, 2014
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