Has a new language changed your life or behavior?

 Well, I've read some scientific researches about learning a new language and one of the interesting things was that the behavior of people who are trying to learn or even have learnt it change in a good way. 

Do you think it's true? How have you started to be interested in learning a new language?

I've started learning Italian and Spanish because of the songs that I like. It means that I want to understand what the songs are talking about without English subtitle. Of course, English's been my true love because I think that the way you express your feelings sounds much better in English ( One day, hopefully, I'm going to be able to talk like a native speaker ahah)

 Tell me about it too! ????

Jul 3, 2014 12:21 AM
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Learning English has certainly changed my life in a very good way, not just personally, but professionally as well. I could not have been as knowledeable as I am now regarding science and technology, and so many other things, had I not learned this language. Almost all of my clients are also from English speaking countries, I could not have been able to communicate with them as well if I had not learned English.


What got me interested was my childhood teacher. She made learning English so much fun that it became my favorite subject. I have never had any problem in passing English as a subject since childhood, thanks to my brilliant English teacher.

July 3, 2014

Você está luoca!!! 


English sucks! Hahahaha! L'italiano è bellissimo, et le français est la langue la plus belle du monde !!!


Hahaha! ;) Eu estou brincando! :P


Yes, learning languages changes your life. You adopt a new way of <em>thinking,</em> and you also adopt a new <em>culture</em>. There's a beautiful quote that I have memorized:


"As with language, culture offers to the individual a horizon of latent possibilities; a flexible and invisible cage in which he can exercise his own conditional liberty." (Carlo Ginzburg)


Through language, you expand your "cage" because you learn to express yourself in different ways. Here's a simple example (I think we talked about this before :P) 


In Italian (and in Spanish), there are two ways to say "I love you":


Ita: Ti voglio bene / Ti amo..... Spa: Te quiero / Te amo


But in English, there is only one way; in French, there is only one way (Je t'aime!) And also in Portuguese (as far as I understand), there is only one way. There are nuances in those two expressions I mentioned that don't exist in my native language, nor in French. At first, it was very difficult for me to understand the differences because they are very nuanced and consequently, they affected my understanding of what 'love' is. As such, it affects <em>culture. </em>For example: You can tell your boyfriend/girlfriend "ti voglio bene" OR "ti amo" (although they would probably prefer "ti amo" :P ), but you can NEVER tell your family "ti amo"..... it sounds very gross! XD


That's a very easy <em>cultural</em> example. 


Por isso eu quero aprender portugûes... eu quero saber o que é o "amor" na tua opininão portuguesa!! XD  

July 3, 2014

Just like the song sings "There's hope in the air,there's hope in the water."Honestly,learning English really has changed my life entirely.i decided to migrate to some country one day. Living a different life there. that's all my dreams at present.

July 3, 2014

Hi,can you show me the link of that article? I'm really interested on that =)

July 3, 2014


July 3, 2014
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