Hi! I´m studying Turkish. Can anyone help me? Study six months ago, but I can not ride right phrases ... I never know the right word order ... would love to learn. In exchange I can help with Portuguese, Spanish and English. :) I'm still learning English, but ... I believe he's better than my Turkish (lol).
Jul 3, 2014 2:37 AM
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I really want to help you to Turkish and of course for improve my English :)

December 14, 2014

Hello i can help you for to learn Turkish :) Im from Turkey and im Turkish :) See you.

Merhaba. Eğer isterseniz ben size yardımıcı olurum. Ben Türkiye'de yaşıyorum ve Türküm :) 

December 9, 2014

I can help you in all matters ;) 

September 13, 2014

I can help to u :)


July 11, 2014
yes, i can. also we can exchange spanish to turkish?
July 3, 2014
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