How to be a good superior?
Jul 3, 2014 5:04 AM
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Hi Joanna,

In English we dont really refer to ourselves as superior or inferior. It has implications of arrogance, so maybe your question would be better phrased as "how do I become a good leader".

July 3, 2014


   #1   Develop a "thick skin".

   #2    Do not try to be the friend of the  "inferior".

    #3   Lead by example.  Do the very same work that   you want an "inferior" to do.

            Participate in the work.

     #4     Do not be concerned with being  "liked".

        #5   Treat others the way you would like to be treated


   One of the ineffective attitudes many "superiors" adopt, because they are naive,

is the presumption that they need to issue commands to others.


  Another way of leading is to get work done by saying things like:


  "I wonder if we could do this job...this way or that way?"

By doing this, you have the benefit of the intelligence of other people.


      (All of these suggests  can be subject to qualifications.)


   Just remember;   human beings are not robots.






July 3, 2014