which language should I learn after English?

I have curiosity for learning, what is the language, which is use more useful after English, I learned English. Because it was neccesary and I think it's a lingua franca, in the sense, that everybody speaks English in this world.


if you don't know the local language, at least you have to speak English,because somebody would know English, and it will be easy what are you asking to the local people, of the country that you are visiting. Also the information of many things are only avaliable in English, there are many scientific studies in English than in Spanish.

so what do you think is the next language after English for Spanish Speaker? Portugues, French, German? I heard that German was like a cousin of English no? I hope for your opinions, please correct my discussion in grammar, I try to do my best with English, thanks.

Jul 3, 2014 7:02 AM
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it's right that German is the cousin of English :) if you decided to learn german, it will be easier to learn if you're fluent in english

anyway, deciding what language to learn depends on how will you use that language, will you learn it for exams?? work?? travel?? or just learn a language to know about it??

you decide, then choose the language depending on your decision :)

July 3, 2014

How about French? It's the only language other than English which is spoken on all continents :)

And it shouldn't be too hard for a Spanish speaker due to the Latin-based similarities in grammar and vocabularly. 


July 3, 2014

Sanskrit language..!! Because sanskrit language is all of them language are Mother..!!

July 3, 2014

You should learn the one you and feel interests on it

July 3, 2014

Well, do you think should I learn a new language on based what the market demands or according to your desires?

July 3, 2014
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