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American Culture: Today is the Fourth of July / Independence Day in the US

Well, today is the Fourth of July or what we also call Independence Day in the United States. It is a day of celebration commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. As you probably know, this document declared our independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, which we, of course, won. Hehehe.


Anyhow, tons of cops will be out on the roads today looking to arrest drunken drivers and people for illegally possessing fireworks. That's correct. Nowdays, certain states have a ban on fireworks. For instance, my state, Massachusetts, has a ban on them for safety reasons, I guess, and to also prevent terrorism; whereas you can still purchase and own fireworks in New Hampshire. Some people stupidly cross the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border to buy them and then bring them back here though. I wouldn't recommend it. They even have electronic signs on the highways right now reminding people that fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts and that you can be fined or even jailed for possessing them. I believe that you can get a permit for fireworks here though if you are throwing a party and want to have a fireworks display. Anyhow, if you ask me, it is pretty lame. I mean, how is not being able to possess a few small fireworks for the Fourth of July being free? And why let terrorists win in the first place by placing limitations on our freedom all in the name of supposedly fighting terror? *eye roll* 


Anyhow, so how do we celebrate? Well, most people fire up the grill and have some sort of party in the backyard. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, steak, kielbasa, potato chips, buffalo chicken wings, spare ribs, baked beans, potato salad, a traditional salad with romaine or iceberg lettuce or perhaps even a spinach salad with strawberry and almond slices, cupcakes, Fourth of July cakes made at a local bakery, and a whole assortment of other extremely sweet desserts are just a few  examples of the types of food that adorn our picnic tables on this day. Yes, this is why America is so fat. Hehehe.


My dad is cooking seafood at our barbeque today though, so at least we will be eating somewhat healthier. It is 8AM now but around noon the tasty steamed clams and red lobsters should be ready to eat. I can't wait! New England is known for its seafood too. So delicous!


During the day, people will play horseshoes and cards, listen to music, drink alcohol, swim in the pool, chit chat around the picnic table, etc. Once it gets dark though, just about every town here will be having a fireworks display and some people will leave the party then to see the display or will watch one of the firework displays aired on TV at the party they are at. The University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts even puts on its own firework display. Some people go to the stadium on campus to watch UMASS' fireworks but a lot of people just park along the highway or along any of the farm roads around here to see them as they go up high enough to even be seen 15-20 minutes away at the Hampshire Mall. Boston and NYC, of course, have a huge display. I have still yet to go to Boston for the Fourth. I should do that some year, although, I might want to go to NYC instead.


Anyways, I wanted to share a few funny photos from Facebook and the web with you related to the Fourth of July. I've written the text on these here but actually take a look at the links too because the illustrations that go along with them are funny as well. :)


1. This gem is going around Facebook right now. -- Fourth of July weekend is when we finally get  to play our favorite American guessing game, Firework or Gunshot!


2. Nothing says "Let's celebrate America!" quite like drinking beer and playing with explosives.


3. This Fourth of July let's get drunk enough to not feel it when we blow off our fingers lighting illegal fireworks.


4. Hahahaha. -- Brace yourselves. Low quality 15 second videos of fireworks are coming.


5. Hahahahaha. So funny. -- I hope the irony of scheduling your wedding so close to Independence Day isn't lost on you.

Jul 4, 2014 11:57 AM