July 4th :)

I falicitate all Amricans with this amazing holiday and wish you all the best!:)


As a foreighner , I don't know much about celebrating of this day among plain people. So..Do your family have any tradition for this day? How are you going to celebrate today?))

Jul 4, 2014 1:49 PM
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   Thank you for the topic Irene.


  Today,  we put up a small flagpole and display the American flag in our front yard.


   Many people will be shooting off  fireworks, which is annoying.

We usually  just turn up the fans in the house to their "high" setting to drown out the noise

and get rest.


   Some people will travel to parks, and mountains and lakes to have family gatherings and picnics.

I never do that though. This is one of the key holidays in the United States and I like to stay off the roads to avoid the heavy traffic.


 It is generally a day for relaxing at my house.  So what do I do?  Use the computer of course!


July 4, 2014