Why are you learning Portuguese?

This question is for those who are learning Portuguese. I'm a native Portuguese speaker and I would like to know why are you interested in learning my language. :)

Jul 4, 2014 9:03 PM
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Somos amigos aqui na italki Gabriala, mas nunca conversamos. A minha resposta à sua pergunta pode parecer um pouco estranha, porque eu comecei aprender a sua língua por causa da música, o fado português. Então, eu decidi aprender português, para tentar entender as letras destas canções, que estão cheias de emoções. Há três anos aprendo o idioma na internet, porque na minha cidade não há nenhuma escola ou curso de português . Agora é um passatempo agradável para mim , que me aproximou do grande mundo lusófono, até mesmo do seu Brasil maravilhoso. Agora tenho amigos brasileiros de Manaus até Porto Alegre, com quais falo, e que me ajudavam com a minha aprendizagem da língua e do seu país.

Abraços da Bósnia. Kamenko

July 5, 2014

I haven't officially started learning Portuguese just yet, but I already have a textbook that is tempting me.


My interest in Portuguese stems from my interest in Brazil. Brazil's status as an economic powerhouse is well-known, but I find the richness and complexity of Brazilian culture/society very interesting. I've read some fascinating articles about racial identities there, the growing divide between the rich and the poor, and the struggle of indigenous peoples to preserve the Amazon. It's a shame that most people's understanding of Brazil doesn't go beyond the country's beaches and its love of football.


There's already been some discussion about the problems of learning both Spanish and Portuguese. One thing I would like to do is use my study of Portuguese to help me review Spanish, the latter being a language that I've neglected for a few years now and am lacking the motivation to relearn. Because the similarities between Portuguese and Spanish require a student of both languages to carefully learn the differences between the two, I'm counting on my study of Portuguese to reinforce what I've already learned in Spanish.


The book I mentioned above (<em>Pois não</em> by Antônio Roberto Monteiro Simões) is a course that teaches Brazilian Portuguese to Spanish speakers. It goes into great detail explaining the differences between the two languages. Ironically, the book is written primarily in English.


July 6, 2014

Eu conheci uma pessoa muito maravilhosa que inspirou-me a aprender a cultura brasileira. Por isso, eu quero aprender português porque a língua é uma porta de oportunidade. :) 

July 5, 2014

BRIC Do you know We are now the SuperPower?? Brazil



                                                                    China . Reason enough.

July 23, 2014

Am I learning Portuguese? I didn't know that :)

July 20, 2014
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