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What is an academic verb = consider ?



What is an academic verb = consider ?



Jul 5, 2014 2:38 AM
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Amera  Eid:


Consider  =   To contemplate,    to ponder, to contrast, to enumerate,  to illuminate,  


 to think upon,  to reflect upon,  to discriminate between different identities,  




  I can ponder this problem.

I can reflect upon this issue.

I can discriminate between the different  identities.

I can contrast  between the two opposites to determine  what the mean value would be.

I consider that there are differences.

I can enumerate the properties of this identity.

I can illuminate the properties as follows;  (a),  (b),  and (c).

I can articulate  the several  characteristics.


July 5, 2014

To be of the opinion, to believe, to conclude, to treat, to regard, to view, to class, to categorise. 


It really depends on the context because "consider" can be used in a number of ways.  But I would consider "consider" as suitable for academic purposes ;)


July 5, 2014

Hello Bruce,


Thank you so much for your time and explanation,  Can I use assumed too as consider? 



July 5, 2014

Thank you Adrian,


this was my sentence: 


Ali (2014) considered killing street children is not a suitable or a successful solution for the problem of homeless children as Abdullah stated in his article. Moreover, she considered (assumed) this as turning the society into the era of the caveman and Nazi (para.7).


I also consider (consider) an academic word :D

but it is overusued her in Egypt, and my techer wants me to use new word :)) 

I was thinking of using (assumed), Do you think it has the same meaning as consider?


 Thank you so much :)) 


July 5, 2014

Hi Adrian,


Thanks for your comment, and I am sorry if my question is not clear.

I need verbs that equal consider, but they should be academic as consider is overused.

Thank you :) 




July 5, 2014
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