Study in France.

Bonjour, my name is Fia from indonesia. I'm 16th yo.And last month I graduated from senior high school. I feel dizzy think about my future. I love art, specially cinema, and J'adore france !! I think, how about I continue my study there next year. So, I learn francais very hard this year. I wanna ask you, Is it easy to study in university in Francais? Is it easy to study cinematograph in there? What city is cheapest for live? (cause I don't have much money) and how to survive alone in there. Merci. I really need information.

Jul 5, 2014 7:51 PM
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University studies in France are quiet hard, spacially when it deals about science, law, economics, architecture, WIT, engeneering and medicine...but art and litterature are relax, they don't work much, they even take it easy.


Not all the universties propose cinema studies because few students want to do this. You can do it in Paris, but it's really expensive to live there. Cinema is also taught in Lyon, the third city of the country and Rennes. If you don't want to spent too much money, just go to Rennes, and study the bachelor degree of " arts du spectacle " then major in cinema. You will enjoy living there

July 6, 2014