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Working Moms: Studying another language

What are your study techniques as a working mom studying another language?

Jul 8, 2014 7:18 PM
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Like Mackenzie, I listen to music in the languages that I'm learning every day and teach simple sentences to my little boy which I then use as often as possible. Make the most of the little time that you have alone to think. For me, it's when I commute to work so I always make good use of the time by bringing my homework with me. I used to have a language partner (who also has kids) and we would meet up once a week to practise, this was by far the best way for me to learn, however we couldn't keep it up as we were both too busy. Trying to incorporate a language into your life isn't easy when there's already so much going on, good luck with your studies!     

July 9, 2014

That is a really good question. I am used to working fifty hours a week with a five year old and his father is always wanting attention. Now I go to school on top of that. Before I had school on my plate I would try to spend two hours studying on the computer. I would take breaks to tend to my child. In the car I like to play audio lessons. When I got home at night I might review real quick and then watch a movie in my target language. In between this I will listen to music in that language and try to think in the target lamguage. I make it fun for my child by teaching him some of the phrase I have learned. I hope that helps.

July 9, 2014

Thanks for your input guys!

July 10, 2014