Pen pal: English & Japanese

Dear English native speakers who are struggling in Japanese study,


I have some idea to practice and improve your writing in Japanese.

It takes quite amount of time to become a good writer both in your mother tongue and your target language.


Why don't we become a pen-pal and try to be a good editor and proof reader to each other.

There exist a basic format of various writings in many situations such as business writing, greetings, school research paper, love letter, so on. We can give advice to each other according to the basics.


Posting Memos on Italki is beneficial, but continuous practices with one particular parther could be most effective to learning foreing languages, as I learned it througn hardcore tutors in my university English lab. And, I believe this is the place to meet a right partner. Language level does not matter, and I would be glad to patiently serve you for free to be better in Japanese writing and am desperate to get natives' corrections for my English writing.

I love reading and writing!


I would be really grateful if you are interested and become creative to each other to improve writing skills. Let's start simple.



Jul 9, 2014 5:40 PM