Can you correct my answers to be naturally?

∙ Do you like going to parks or public gardens?
→ Yes, I love going to parks or public gardens, because atmosphere and mood in those kinds of places is always peaceful and it makes me feel refreshed.


∙ Who do you usually go there with?
→ I usually go there with my friends and family on weekend, we enjoy playing basketball, riding a bicycle or just talking a lot there.


∙ When was the last time you went to a park?
→ I went there last weekend, since I could not concentrate on studying English, I needed to take a rest, so I met my friend, Kim, there.


∙ Do you prefer to relax with your friends in a park of an indoor place?
→ I definitely prefer to relax with my friends in a park rather than indoor place, because I usually study all day long at my house, so I would like to go outdoor for relaxing.


∙ Would you prefer to entertain some guests in a park or an indoor place?
→ I would prefer to entertain my guests in a park than indoor place, because we can enjoy some sports and most guests of mine really love to eat some chickens and beers in a Han river park.


∙ What languages do you speak?
→ I can speak Korean, which is mother tongue, and I can speak English as well.


∙ Which language do you use the most?
→ I've been trying to use English the most these days, because I'm very eager to talk with native English speakers fluently.


∙ How did you learn English?
→ I've leaned English from my language exchange partner whose name is Mark. He is very good at teaching and I think I'm a good learner.


∙ Do you think that English is difficult to learn?
→ No, I don't think that English is difficult for me to learn, because I have a very good English teacher so that I can learn it easily but sometimes some idioms confuse me to understand.


∙ How long have you been studying English?
→ I've been studying English for about one and a half year, but I will learn it more until I can speak English fluently.


∙ Do you think learning languages is important?
→ Yes, I definitely think that learning languages is very important, because you can understand the cultures of many countries and communicate with more people as well.



∙ Do you like traveling by car?
→ Yes, I like traveling by car, because I can drive myself in which I want to go to, so, I think it's pretty convenient and comfortable.


∙ When was the last time you traveled by car?
→ Last weekend. I traveled to Busan, which is the second largest city of South Korea, with my friends to see beautiful beaches. It was so much fun and exciting.


∙ Do you prefer to travel by car or to use public transport?
→ I prefer traveling by car rather than using public transport. Although it is much more expensive than train or bus, I think it's pretty more convenient and comfortable for me.


∙ Do you think it would be good if everyone had their own car?

→ No, I don't think it would be good if everyone had their own car, because people could have a car accident at an early age, so it would be risky for young people.


∙ Do you think it's important to have a driver's license?
→ No, I don't think it's important to have a driver's license, because for those who enjoy driving at excess speed, it could be so dangerous.

Jul 11, 2014 5:12 AM
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I read every question you ask and every reply you answer

Thanks ,Korean pal

I can't correct you ,as well as native speaker so

I am glad when saw these sentences and use them


Your mood is very energetic 

I have a good time with your question



July 11, 2014