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Love after marriage . . . Impossible or Exist

How to keep love alive after marriage ?

Most of people think that marriage is the grave of the love,
but I don't think so,

I think love can be still alive after marriage ( If it's true love of course ),
but maybe it's the way of expressing this love could change,

Maybe you will not say ( I love you ) alot,

but if you keep your respect to each other,
and be together in hard times before happy times,
you will find love in your heart still alive,
and when you tell your life partner that ( I love you ),
the reply will be ( I know ) .


Tell me what do you think, but remember to correct my language first, thanks

Jul 12, 2014 6:54 AM
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I've been married for 29 years. I'm very much in love with my wife. It's something I write about often.


I think a lot of people have fairy-tale ideas about what love is, though. In short, love is not a sticky, gooey feeling. That sticky gooey feeling can come and go if you keep the other things in place.


Life is a lot of work. Raising a family is a lot of work. I think it is best with a partner. My committment is to my wife - whether I feel like it or not. My committment holds whether I feel like it or not. I can see that she has done the same for us - always had our family's best interests in mind. Along the way, as you work, take care of each other, go through the hard family times together, and stop and think about it, you realize that there have been some bad times, but the good times far outweigh the bad.


I can't imagine what my life would have been without my wife. I don't want to imagine it. All of my best memories have her as a central part of them. Now, as we're advancing in age, and two of our three kids are now married and out on their own, we're starting to think about the next phase of life. I'll NEVER forget her sacrifice and work in bringing our family to this point. I WANT to continue to provide into her life. I WANT to have her by my side ... and I WANT to be by her side just as much.

It'd be silly to say we always had that gooey feeling like the day we were married, but that gooey feeling does make its appearance in our lives sometimes still. With or without it, though, we're in love. We've learned a more mature definition of love, and we continue to live it.


29 and counting, we're still in love. :)

July 12, 2014

Steve your comment is very touching .Unfortunatly  I had not the same luck !

But I still believe in true love.

July 12, 2014

Maybe because of my experience ;) I know that my experience is not enough to judge)).

But for me it doesn`t work. And now I don`t know myself what I really want. Maybe everything is to the better... who knows.

July 12, 2014

love can be alive after marrage and more stronger than before,but it is a chance and we must be brave!i wasnt brave and i never follow love! i scared of it!

bye the way i know a woman who is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy strong ,she fought for her lovemore than 9 years ,now i think she lives in heaven i can see her love when she says hi or bye to her husband!i belive in LOVE!

July 12, 2014

I am not right person to answer this question...

By some reasons I don`t believe in love or in marriage itself.

But it doesn`t mean that those 2 don`t exsist ;)

July 12, 2014
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