First Learning English Step I Want improve My English Language just Tell Me Name of English Book Or Website Talking to me in English To Improve IT Thanks
Jul 12, 2014 8:47 PM
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Hi, Magdi.


Telling you how to improve your English is kinda tricky as your current level of English is not stated in your profile. How comfortable are you in English at the moment? 


If you are learning from scratch, I'd highly recommend to familiarize yourself with basic grammar and vocabularies first. In this case, what you need is a grammar exercise book. And some listening practice. I know some grammar books come with CDs these days. 


I think listening to songs are quite helpful in improving pronounciations and maybe add some new words to your vocabulary but I personally don't rely on songs for learning a language. As for reading some novels, it is necessary to improve your grammar first and packed yourself with sufficient vocabulary, then you can search some book recommendations based on your curret English level. 

July 13, 2014

Thanks For your Comment but what is your opinon on reading any novel or Listening to any program or Songs could you recommend any of them


July 12, 2014

Some teachers are very good. Good luck!

July 12, 2014