What do you think is the job of the future?

A popular business magazine predicts that by 2030 over 2 billion jobs will disappear because of a massive use of automation. We are speaking about jobs covering both high-paying and low-skilled workers.


For that reason, developing new skills will be necessary for the future and few options have been developed yet: Space workers, Wind power maintenance, Genetic counselor, Vertical farmer (tilling on buildings), Time savings counselor, ecc.


What would you do if you have to reinvent yourself?

Jul 13, 2014 7:02 PM
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10 or 20 years after I graduated high school, the reality of the world was so different from the predictions I heard in high school that I really have wondered many times why we still pay attention to people predicting things like what the world will be like in 2030. :)


Seriously, though, I taught my kids that the most important skill for them to develop is a skill at keeping their job skills up to date. I work in computing, and at least 20% of my time is spent on learning new technology.  It moves so fast that it really does require that of me. It's also nothing like anybody predicted 32 years ago when I graduated high school. If anyone really could have predicted it then, we wouldn't have needed research and software architects these last 32 years :).


Some things computers do well, and automation is one of them. However, even with the most advanced software technology today, computers do not really think, envision, nor feel. I don’t thonk that will change anytime soon. I think the highest paid careers in the future are those that employ those human capabilities to produce computer and software products both in business and consumer products. If I could predict exactly what will be done there, though, we wouldn't need people doing those jobs :).

July 13, 2014

Life Reasoning Teacher job fits me well.

I'd prefer to work at school with youngs but also consult adults.

People are very ignorant about themselves and their life.

July 14, 2014

I agree with you Steve. I know it's an utopia, and that's not possible to predict long-term future because of the rapid development of events. My question simply wanted to be an input for a discussion :)


You spoke mostly about computers, but I think that new jobs are developing also because of the new society's needs. Due to a continous social change we always have different way of life, consumptions, interests and worries, moods... and maybe new successfull jobs are these that will better respond to them.


For example looking at the present, we can find a lot of digital job positions that didn't exist 5 or 6 years ago as Social media manager or Customer Experience developer. They born to follow the mobile's diffusion, to be closer to customers, and because of the new way of purchase.





July 14, 2014