Looking for a job in England

How can I lookinf for a job if I don´t speak English very well?

Jul 15, 2014 8:58 AM
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Thank you very much, I don´t speak English very well but I think I could have a easy conversation.


I would like working in England and learn English at the same time.


I´m an architecture and teacher of drawing, but I could work in any job.

July 15, 2014

No worries, I think you can search on the internet for related information and also try to see if you can find some jobs in the newspaper, also, try to see if you can find Spanish people for help on UK on the internet. I'll learn Spanish in the future personally, I like Real Madrid and I'll visit your country one day. Now I just know some simple words like "amigo, hola, uno", etc

July 15, 2014

Thank you! I would like Spanish teacher but I don´t know where I can start!!!

July 15, 2014

Try to see if you can be a Spanish teacher, and good luck to you, Maria.

July 15, 2014

There are quite a lot of Spanish people working in the UK, maybe you could try to ask them for some advice? I'm not sure if there's some online forum you could go to?


I think in the UK we generally expect everyone to speak English because we're quite lazy at learning other languages. So it might be difficult to find a job. Of course you're an EU citizen which is a great advantage.


Do you have any skills? I think that's important as if you're good at something that would just require basic communication then you might be able to get a job. Even teaching Spanish might be difficult as it's really helpful to know English well so you can understand where the students are coming from.


Good Luck!

July 15, 2014