Mark Roy
Professional Teacher
What is most important when you are looking for a teacher?

I am just wondering what are the most important factors when you are looking for a teacher.....maybe you can make a comment letting me know. Some examples that I can think of are the following factors:


1) Price

2) Availability

3) Nationality of the teacher (ie: native speaker or not)

4) Location / time zone of the teacher

5) Skype connection quality

6) Age / gender / appeareance of the teacher

7) Experience of the teacher

8) Whether the teacher has an introduction video on their profile

9) Clarity of the teachers voice

10) Quality of teaching material / content

Jul 18, 2014 6:22 AM
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As long as you offer the introductory session/ lesson for a reduced price, it's not the main factor. A time zone really matters, but as Adam said, a student can always find an English teacher in an every time zone he/she wants.

In my opinion the most important thing is a first impression a teacher makes on his/her student to be. All you've mentioned is part of the impression, I'd add only a reduced-price lesson to it.

July 19, 2014

Time zone / location is a very important one for me. I feel with English we have all time zones covered from Australia to the Philippines to England to the United States. Pretty much 24hr coverage there. I'm learning predominantly Asian languages and finding teachers with availability is quite difficult to match my busy work schedule.

July 18, 2014

HI mark,i am a native speaker of chinese,i try my best to learn english from now. I think it is hard to speak . IT is impossible to speak with other . I want to find a teacher or a friend is the best way .FRIST,the price.students or workers have no much money.THEN,the teach can understand me ,that means she/he can speak my language. that`s all. GOOD day for u

July 18, 2014