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Hi! can anyone help me to find national anecdotes about other nations? null
May 22, 2008 12:09 PM
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 anecdotes  means"佳话",right?
July 2, 2008

هذا جوابي ايضا بالعربي 

الوطنية موجودة مع الطبيعة البشرية

و طبيعة الحيوانات

و طبيعة الاشجار

تجد الانتماء للمكان و الزمان

و إذا غيرت المكان تبحث عن التأقلم مع الجديد

الامم السابقة
لديها إنتماء قوي
و بسبب الحروب , مزقتهم و شردتهم من اوطانهم

و رغم ذلك تجدهم يشتاقون لوطنهم الأم 

آمل  الجواب جيد و مفيد

July 2, 2008
National exist with human nature

And the nature of animals

And the nature of trees

Find a sense of belonging to a place and time

And if you change the place looking for coping with the new

Former United
Have a strong affiliation
And because of wars, torn and displaced from their homes

Despite this, their homeland are missing mother

I hope the answer is good, and useful

July 2, 2008
do u have some examples to provide u with mine
May 23, 2008
I don't Know what "anecdotes". Can you explain?
May 22, 2008
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