Van Anh
Hello, anyone are going to take an IELTS exam?

Hello, everybody. I am practicing for coming IELTS exam, I think my speaking skill need to improve but I don't have a partner to do this. So if you also need a partner to practice speaking, please join me.

You can contact me via yahoo: vananh.1989 or Line: vananh188.

Thanks for your attention!

Jul 19, 2014 2:15 AM
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I am a professional IELTS teacher, if you are looking for true help, then take a look at my IELTS course. It's super thorough and extremely helpful. :D

May 5, 2015

Hello, anyone are going to take an IELTS exam?

Hello, is anyone (here) taking the IELTS exam?

Hello, is anyone (here) going to take the IELTS exam?


You could use "an" instead of "the". I would use "the" though. Technically both make sense and are grammatically correct. To me "the IELTS" is more general. It's just asking about taking the exam at some point. "an IELTS" sounds like you're talking about an individual or specific test being administered on a certain date.

"anyone" is used with 3rd person singular conjugations.

"anyone is", "anyone does", "anyone eats", etc

You might want to add "here". It sounds casual and friendly (but certainly not rude) and more specifically addresses your audience (who is listening or reading), which in this case is the italki community. Saying "anyone" sounds like you're asking if anyone in the entire world is taking the exam. Of course, there are many people that are! However, because it's obvious that many people in the world are taking it and because you're posting this here, from the context the "here" is kind of implied. "anyone here" specifies it more.

May 5, 2015