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What's the most funniest experience you have ever had? Is this sentence correct??

This is for Ms Gigi, the italki teacher who knows English perfectly.

Jul 20, 2014 10:47 PM
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Please ignore wayne - It should actually be 'What's wrong, Cassandra? Are you not well-versed enough in english to correct yourself'


To date, Wayne and Gigi are the funniest things I've seen in italki!


Keep up the good work!

July 21, 2014

Casandra, why are you using a fake profile image copied from Internet :) It has even confused aegis :))))

aegis, why is skin colour important?

Neil, it should be "English" and "correct it yourself".

correct yourself means to change yourself? correct something yourself....

Please correct my mistake :)

July 21, 2014

Well Wayne, my English is not perfect, but if I had a teacher as your ''girlfriend'' I'm sure I would have more mistakes than I have now. Thanks to me, she has her profile without 's' for the plural person. What's the problem? Both of them have too much impudence and arrogance. I hate opportunistic people.


She should take some English lessons and education. You too. The Bible will not help, I'm sure. Have a nice day Wayne, and try to be more honest. :D

July 21, 2014

If this is Gigi 


then she is definitely not an English native speaker.

Just watch her video and listen to what she is saying.

"... I am person from English TALKING country .... more attention on ? speaking and leazoning (she meant listening) skills ..." 

Why are people cheating here? fake profile pic and fake native speakers :(

July 21, 2014

You don't need the word "most" because the word "funniest" already means 'most funny.'

What's the funniest experience you have ever had? is the correct way to phrase it.

July 20, 2014
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