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Is there certain food for certain occasions in Arabic-speaking country?

For example, fried rice is commonly eaten during breakfast in Indonesia, while 点心 is for breakfast

in China (CMIIW). Cake is eaten during someone's birthday in Western countries (CMIIW again), and Indonesian born Chinese people must eat noodles for a family member's birthday.
What do Arabic-speaking people usually eat for lunch? How do we say 'kebuli rice lunch' in Arabic language?

Jul 21, 2014 1:32 PM
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It depends on each country's traditions ..


I know that east asian mostly use rice as primary food , they make sweets from rice , rice soup , even alcohool ( sake in Japanese ) from rice ...!


in Arabic countries ( and they are all Arabic-speaking countries ) , maybe wheat and barley are the primary foods , and also dattes as fruit of course .


For example in Maghreb , especially Morroco and Algeria .. kuskus is one of the most foods eaten in occasions .


i don't know how to give you an ( arabic ) united foods cause traditions varies ..


For me for example , i wake up the morning , in breakfast فطور i drink café-au-lait Milk with some coffee and bread with butter or confection , sometimes i add one boiled egg and fruit ( mostly dattes ) ..


About 12:00 , in dinner غداء sometimes pastes like spaghetti , or any rich recipes , maybe kuskus , or rice with meat , there are a lot of ordinary dishes ... and salade ...and fruits ...


depending on when the body wants , maybe some snacks , like tea with peanut , or chocolate ...


in the last dinner عشاء ... a soupe is very common ..


i can tell you which foods are famous in Algeria


Karentica is the most cheap and famous food , it's a mixture of hummus and water and eggs ...


French fries also one of the most famous foods ..


Chtitha l7am literally means the dance of meat , yep , lot of small pieces of meat cooked with tomatoes sauce ..


M7ajeb , Berkoukes , Chekhchoukha , Batata kucha , baghrir , msemmen , bekbouka , ftir , lben , raib and a lot of dishes ...






July 29, 2014

I've googled images of kabsa. If كبسة is cooked with raisins and served with mutton meat, then yes, it is essentially the origin of kebuli rice.

July 21, 2014

sorry i was away.

kabsa = كبسة


July 21, 2014


What do Arabic-speaking people usually eat for lunch?

here in saudi arabia we use to eat ( Kabsa ). its a traditional saudi arabian rice and chicken/meat dish.

its very delicious dish, but dont say i didnt tell u that u have to keep ur self away from it, because u'll be very fat. its like drugs u cant stop it. :D


How do we say 'kebuli rice lunch' in Arabic language?

i didnt get it. what do u mean by " kebuli '?

July 21, 2014

GTO, now you make me hungry! :D

July 31, 2014
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