Rachel C
Medical Spanish!

I am looking for a great teacher with experience teaching medical Spanish!  I know a little Spanish already, but I'd LOVE practice with things like patient dialogues, clinical history taking, explaining procedures and tests already.


Rachel, 2nd year med student who is going on the wards soon!!


Thank you in advance!

Jul 21, 2014 11:23 PM
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You might not like to hear my suggestion Rachel, but I'm hoping you are open-minded. 


If you know just a tiny bit of Spanish, it's best to let someone who is conversant translate for you in medical situations. People don't stay in boxes and you could easily miss something extremely important. Saying hello is one thing, but asking someone about a condition is complicated stuff! They will run off on you perhaps talking a million miles a minute and then will feel like they told a doctor what was going on, when in reality, you didn't understand. 


Until you can understand every day conversation, unless you are a secretary making an appointment, I would not rely on beginner Spanish to evaluate patients. 


Learning it and having fun learning the words for things that you know so that you can recognize them when fluent doctors and translators say something is one thing, but please be very careful. I've had experiences the other way around where people thought they new enough English to ask me medical questions and it was pretty terrifying. It's great when someone tries to understand as an adjunct, but beginner medical Spanish isn't a replacement for good translation. 


The good thing though is that you have time. If you start now maybe in some years of diligent study you will be at that point and you will be a great asset to the Hispanic community in your area. 

July 22, 2014
Hi Rachel, I invite you to visit my profile. You are welcome my Medical Spanish lessons. This is: https://teach.italki.com/teacher/3262264 Best regards, Elena, professional Spanish teacher.
Apr 11, 2022 11:45 PM

Hello, good morning! how are you? I am a spanish native speaker and I love to learn everything about Medicine and engineering,but about your request!. I think that she said "Dorothy" to you it is true, but it is not impossible. Please, let me to suggest something you maybe take advantages about your spanish skills in italki or maybe other ways which you are improving step by step maybe everyday. If you know just a tiny bit of Spanish. Please try to write about your topics you need and then other people could be able to help you. I tell you this because I am Mechanical engineer but I still can not find a native speaker in my career with something similar experience what I have gotten from them to know. Therefore, I only knew I can improve through in this way or maybe by skype with friend which they have in high level and they love science and technology, too! The good thing though is that you have time. Well, I hope you can find it, but while you are looking for I would like to be your friend in order to improve each other. Thanks a lot for your listening to me, have a nice time!

August 13, 2014

I'm a freelance medical interpreter with over 10+ years experience. 

July 24, 2014

Hi there im a native spanish speaker And Im also a second year med student so if you wanna chat anytime im at your service :D

July 22, 2014