Several Native Speakers wanted, as volunteers in English Groups.

Several Native Speakers wanted, as volunteers in English study  Groups.


   The English Practice Groups will be set up in the style of a   "Salon".


The intention is to have English learners from several countries in the group.

Topics for discussion will be provided. 


 Topics will include  Books,   Social Commentary, and   Subjects of Personal Interest. 


   If I recall, the maximum number  allowed in any Skype Group is Five.  


   If  anyone would like to participate in the group, the time for meeting will be based upon my availablity between  4:00 AM  and  7:00 AM    7 days per week  per the Mountain Time Zone, on the world clock,  in Denver Colorado, USA. 


 For example,    4:00 AM in  my time zone  would be  6:00 PM  in China.


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Jul 22, 2014 4:10 PM
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  Okay. I will prepare    a  group with you in it. It may be separate from the first group that has been formed with Flora,  Allen,  Kia, and Karina. 


 It may be on a weekday.    So use the world clock  to calculate  the difference between your location and mine  in the

Mountain  Time Zone, Denver, Colorado, USA.  The time for the meeting  will be sometime between

4:00 AM  and   7:00 AM  my time  in the USA.    

July 27, 2014



 I have one Chinese  student who requested the Salon type group.

She proposes a student from Japan and Korea also.


  It should not be difficult at all, since I am always awake in the early hours of the morning to

practice English with students in China.  In fact, I can easily foresee creating two different groups.

July 23, 2014

   Yes  Albert, I think you surely can.


   I am forming a second  group right now. 


The  First  Group is full, consisting of Allen,  Karina, Elena, and Flora


July 28, 2014

hello, good day Bruce


can i join the english study group? i'm interested and want to practice my conversation.

the time is quite fits for me.


thank you in advance

July 28, 2014



 Your participation is very much appreciated.  You would be excellent in any group.

July 28, 2014
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