listening radio and doesn't understsnd any word in English?

Hi, I write this because somebody told me to listen radio in English even I don't understand any word because it's good to used your eart, to listen the English language but somebody answer me that's not good, because listening a radio in English even you don't understand what they say, it doesn't make sense, it's like talking with an animal that will not understand never if I talk to the animal in my language, he won't understand me, so what do you think? I asked because the lack of english speakers where I live and I realized to find a good english speaker who want to help me with my English is difficult for me, I don't know why, that's my problem about listening what do you think?

postdata in english is PS? well sorry if you understand but I think I could write in English and not to make sense in my writing, I hope you understand me

Jul 23, 2014 7:14 AM
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I'd like to know whether it's effective or not, too. I tried listening to radio in Japanese but not for a long time, so I don't know whether it's effective or not. However, watching drama with subtitles helped me to some extent. Movies and drama are easier to understand. 

July 23, 2014