chinese and no chinese today, on my way looking for jobs,i saw two foreigners and one chinese.i went to their and see "Excuse me,i'm looking for a chance to practice my English. could you please give me a few minutes of your time to help improve my spoken English?"the two people smiled and said "it's ok !" i showed them my thanks and intended to talk with them about sand paintings,because i have doing my own sand paintings,i just remember sand paintings.to my surprise,that chinese man stopped me and told them i just a vendor and tell them "we just go." more than words. actually,i'm not one active,outgoing or articulate person and it often makes me look small .maybe they think i'm a Strange girl ,but it not means i will stop trying. you ,as a foreigner,believe a chinese who walk to you.
Jul 23, 2014 7:23 AM