Mohanad M.Gumaa
Main Skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

   Mainly, to learn a new language, it's depend on the following essential skills : Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. I think all are agree this point.

    In my case to study ENGLISH Language. I think the courses taken are quite enough to cover first and second skills only including grammer, then you have your own effort to digging inside the language through the reading ,the more you read the more you learn, all types of reading : books, news paper, article, reports and so on. to enrich your vocabulary.

    Listening and Speaking are hard to cover for me. Because i am living in Non-native speakerscountry, so it is hard to practice those skills, i can agree that watching movies and listening to TV could help somehow the listen skill, but for speaking it is quite hard. so the main reason behind joining itlaki was to practice my Listening and Speaking Skills with English mother tongue speakers, moreover to improve Reading and Writing skills too.

Jul 23, 2014 8:42 AM
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July 24, 2014