English teacher for an advanced student wanted

Hello italki teachers,


I am currently looking for some English native teachers who have an experience, a focus, or a good idea to teach an advanced level student. 


There are number of good teachers offering lessons for fairly reasonable prices here.
But, I do not know who I should ask.


My problem is stepping up to a truly advanced level as an ESL speaker. (No need to be fluent like natives) I think I have learned long enough as an OK English speaker and listener since I had lived in the US for years and graduated the university there.


I have a specific problem I keep facing even during the past stay in the US, which is that my brain keeps telling me I am OK with staying at my current level of English since I do not have much difficulty in communicating with foreigners in English. Maybe, I neglect to use new vocabularies or do not even detect my mistakes during my speech or writing...There is some kind of bad habits I unconsciously formed since having left the English spoken environment. I need to have them corrected professionally.


It's been about 6 years since coming back to my country, which makes it even harder to improve. I am in need to brush up my English again since I still frequently write and speak English in business occasions.


In short, I would be grateful if you have a good idea or an experience to improve a language ability of a student like me. I think I would love to be a dedicated student and also would love to constantly take your lessons after trial.



Jul 25, 2014 3:24 AM
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Thanks so much for your post, YoY. I've sent you a private message--Ilene: your American teacher from beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico.

July 25, 2014