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I will always remember . . .

What’s the one thing you’d like others to remember about you at the end of your life?

Jul 25, 2014 9:08 AM
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My honesty.

July 25, 2014

I had ever been an negative group, I hope they remember my beauty and some of reasons that they can not do that as a law. My imagery would become an action model into their body. They keep it from body and feeling. then to seek why?

Because of those groups, They like you from their ego that has bad on reality.

They like you in their way.

So they always near you even thoguh they blame you they insult you.

but they need you to do that, they can not kill you otherwise they fellow you to disappear.

I hope that help some of people who more beautiful than me

so that the group would treasure them that may be a final line.

but if they can realize to treasure it initial perhaps that is better.

it would not bring up many troubles.

July 25, 2014