Joy Boy
What do you think about Switzerland, and the Swiss people ?
Jul 25, 2014 4:33 PM
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A beautiful country with snow covered mountains. I don't know what they export, but the main import is the black money of corrupt politicians.

July 31, 2014

The country is beautiful. The people are industrious, thrifty, independent and proud. It is a multi-lingual country with French, German, Italian, and other peoples who have lived in peace and harmony longer than any other European country. They have good health care and education. They are famous for their dedication to world peace. They also have leading-edge science and technology with the CERN supercollider being the most recent innovation. You could even say that the World Wide Web was invented there. Generally, thier policies are liberal and open-minded. Although there is some element of racism and radicalism, this is unfortunately a symptom across all of Western Europe - just look at what happened in Norway. and also Heidi, Girl of the Alps :)

July 27, 2014

To be honest the first things I think about are cuckoo clocks, chocolate, neutrality and nazi gold :P

It always seems to stay pretty quiet in Europe. I've never been but it does seem unique. I was reading that it had one of the highest gun ownerships in the world which is interesting as you never hear of many shooting incidents.

July 25, 2014

A politically Stable and neutral country.

July 31, 2014

I don't know much about Switzerland, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear something about this country, is its historical neutrality.

July 27, 2014
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