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Many young people today leave school with a negative attitude towards learning. Why do you think this is happening? What can be done to encourage young people with a positive attitude towards learning?



As we all know, many students graduate from school with a negative attitude towards learning nowadays. and actually we all know the fact that it is because the education system is not humanization enough. And the lesson is always boring. I believe that is the majoy problem.


I think the way of teaching is very important in school. If the lesson,which is funny and interesting, can kindled students interest. Schools should put some energy on focus attention on young people's demand. The mentality is a very improtant thing,which attitude is dued to.

The teachers should help them to find a objective which can encourage themselves.


If the education system be more humanization. I believe students will give a positive attitude without hesitation. Some of the reason peope dont like a course is because they dont like that couse. That is the reason why they give a negative attitude. They just think it is wasting time.

So there is a proposal. Why we do not classify the students. The youngers can choose the course which they like. and the way of teaching will always along the things they like.  For example, if a student like sports, then they can have lesson in outside. The teaching method will  more for this kind of people. The main point I mean is we can build a atmosphere which can make them in a study mood.


For conclusion, we should establish a open and free education system which makes student hard working,which I mean, nobody will not work hard in a thing they really like. and the objective is really important. They will push themselves close to the target what they want. That's the real power nobody can give only themselves. 



PS:Writing articles in English for the first time, there should be some sentence where is wrong



Jul 26, 2014 9:48 AM