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Help with a sentence, please :D

I was listening a song and I've tried hard to understand it, and everything was so well till this sentence, the song says "愛不停止要如何宣洩" well my conclusion was the sentence means "I should scream, the love don't stop" but I am not pretty sure cause 要如何 means How ... or the sentence really means How can I scream the love can't stop? What is the true use to 如何宣? Please help :D

真的谢谢你哦 :D

Jul 26, 2014 10:06 PM
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I think this means 我想要爱停止但它不停止,那么我要怎么宣泄自己的情感呢?  my love for someone can't stop,so how to release it?

July 27, 2014