Ali Sakir
how many months is enough for the learn Russian in the russia. ?

Hello  ı will come to Russia next year for language course . I will be Machenical Engineer  so Russian is important for me  ı wanna know russian  and  ı wanna know how many months  should ı stay for learn to russian :)   And which city should ı come?  Thank u ;)

Jul 27, 2014 11:42 PM
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It depends on the level u have now. I surely don′t know how long it takes, but if from zero level - u can try read russian fairytales for children, learn common russian phrases, listen to cartoons. When u arrive, u can visit english clubs, in some towns there are. People there need english-speakers, so u can change languiges with them fo free or for little of money. Just seek in Internet such places (english clubs).  People there (ussially it is a community of students and young people, but not only) do it in many towns.  


U can use russian social veb  Vkontakte  to add friends or to read interesting information or look for "english clubs" there (in "groups") (look according to towns). 


U can use Skype with them. 


But I think, Russian is quite complicated, espessially technical.  Maybe, many years u need... But, maybe your terms in enginering are international..


Good luck))

July 28, 2014