What I do wrong?

I think that each person, who try learning English or another foreign language tries to understand, how learn other languages more effective. This problem isn’t so easy for solving. Of course it’s depending from many points. At first, how do you want to know language or for what? I don’t speak only about tests or exams it’s not so matter. I speak about true knowledge language. And now I want to ask: “what we have do for effective learning foreign language” and maybe will open discuss for all people who are interested. I know we have many technology and books for solving those problems but again and again we find old problems in old places. I think all of us find those problems.
Often I feel in process of learning that I don’t move forward. Or I learn language not like a native speaker but like a foreigner. Or I try speaking in English with members of my family but I don’t feel progress. I try learning new words. I read many English literature, I watch films, TV programs etc. I try writing small texts in English repeat rules of Grammar but I don’t feel that I really know language.
I can’t understand many of phrasal verbs and idioms. Thanks for all who will give me advise.

Jul 28, 2014 6:40 PM
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Hi, Dymitr! I think, as not long ago I started to re-learn English, I begin think in English, and simple phrases help me. What is more - I speak them mentally with characteristic emphasis, as I was learned in childhood (or as in american films/cartoons it sounds).


Also I can advice u to join English clubs. In Russia they play board games, discuss, usually invite native speaker to teach them.  Or u can organise such group Vkontakte or in such places.. (as in Moscow is). They learn for free, or need some money, meet in cafees or in a rented rooms.. 


Better of all is ′course living with smb english-speaking...

July 28, 2014