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Hi Everyone! Friends all over the world! I want to improve my level of english and also I want to know many people and new friends who speak english and want to learn or practice spanish. For this reason I think it's a great idea to create a group on Whatsapp or skype to practice and share experiences in english and spanish. If you agree with this purpose add me or send me your whatsapp or skype. Preferably, I want to talk with girls because I think it's easier to share experiences with other girls and sometimes people prefer to talk to other people of the same sex. Saludos! :)
Aug 1, 2014 2:23 AM
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Very nicely said Angelica. What you wrote was very easy to read and understand. Your English is very good. Cheers...
August 1, 2014
Your English is really good. I only have a few suggestions: ________ 1. In English, we always capitalize nationalities, including the names of languages. _________ 2. You want to "meet" people or perhaps, "get to know" them. ---------------- 3. You may want to practice a more informal register, so you don't sound like a lawyer (even if you are ;) How about: "If this seems like a fun idea to you, how about adding me on Whatsapp or Skype?" instead of "If you agree with this purpose add me or send me your whatsapp or skype." ___________ 4. It's usual to use "a lot of" instead of "many" when making affirmative statements: "I'd like to meet a lot of people" ___________ Again, congrats, Angélica, and keep up the good work! (I wish you good luck on your conversation group.)
August 1, 2014
haha, really thanks! I'm trying to improve my speaking skills to sounds more natural, so thanks for your helps :)
August 1, 2014