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이건 무슨 똣인가요?

What does "싹쓰으리" mean in English? Is it something about "i will finish my food"?

How can i comment about it in korean? Can i say "In your picture, you really 싹쓰으리...?" 


Also, is it correct to say "잘 놀아요" as have fun? 


Thank you!

Aug 1, 2014 2:51 AM
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August 10, 2014

Yes your answer was very helpful! Thank you very much for your clear explanation!:)

August 1, 2014

으리 is popurlar word in korea shows these day .

just put 으리 in end of the words that end with 리 like 싹쓸이(싹스으리 is not correct) , 항아리, 페라리 ...

actually 으리 is 의리 .

의리 means loyalty in korean.


싹쓸이 means  similar with clean out . for example ,

"The robbers cleaned out the store.


and you can use 싹쓸이 like :

너 이거 어디서 싹쓸이 해왔니 ?

I think this has nagative meaning .

so you have to be care using it.

you can use this word for fun to ur friends .


and 잘놀아요 .

in korea, we don't use like 잘놀아요.

i recommend to use  재미있게 놀아 .


if you want to say good bye , just 안녕( bye) ,또  연락해 ( keep in touch) or 잘지내 (see you)


i hope it can help you !

August 1, 2014