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Would anyone mind correcting these questions for me, please?

I just need help with these quesions. I want someone to correct these for me since I've asked 2 teachers and their answer are different. 

1. Phi Ta Khon is a group of (A)festival (B)in which people wear masks, dress (C)like ghosts and take to the street in (D)a procession. 

2. Nan has opened a new air passenger terminal (A)which (B)capacity is four (C)times the size of the (D)previous facility.

3. Police are (A)on the hunt for an (B)armed robber who (C)made out with 200,000 baht from a Thanachart Bank branch (D)in Thanyaburi district. 

4. The citizens' duties subject (A)aims to help encourage students (B)learn their duties and responsibilities for the sake of the nation and to bring (C)about reconciliation and unity (D)in the country.

5. If our country is the house, all (A)its family members should work hand in hand with each other to make our place safe and (B)homely, so guests will be (C)impressing and feel (D)comfortable staying with us.

Thank you for helping :)

Aug 1, 2014 1:38 PM