Vote:Do you want your partner correct your mistakes when talking?

     I have such confuses,when  language try to talk with you using your language,of course them make mistakes from time to time,should I keep them going or point out their mistakes to help correct them?what do you think?

 Let's express your opinions,following are some choices:

A.I want my partner to interrupt me to point out my mistakes so that I can correct

B.I want them to hear first,when I finish talking,they can tell me where I can do better,though they may forget some of my mistakes

C.I don't want to be  corrected,it makes myself silly and awkward as long as they can understand me what I am saying.

D.It depends ,I feel easy whensomeone I know well correct me.

E.I have different opinions about this.......

Aug 1, 2014 2:17 PM