to complicate matters ---> how to interpret would be better?

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........This has led to questions over their use in people deemed at low risk of cardiovascular disease or heart problems. To complicate matters, a recent review of statin data suggested that people reported typical side effects even when they were only receiving a placebo: a phenomenon known as nocebo. The potential benefits of statins are also being widened: an early stage study published suggested that they could be helpful in treating advanced multiple sclerosis.........


What does it, "to complicate matters" mean?   Is there any who can rephrase for me aiming at these short phrase? does it mean "in order to complicate matters" or "in order to know more about the mechanism"?


Aug 2, 2014 11:23 AM
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Thanks for Laura's interpretation


As for "to complicate matters" , may I rephrase it as "what is more" or "furthermore" at this place?


August 3, 2014

"To complicate matters" means to make the situation more difficult to understand or to put it another way, to make the situation more complicated and incomprehensible.

Hope this helps :-)


August 2, 2014