Have you been to the UK or Ireland. What did you notice about the people and the culture?


I'd love to hear your opinions on Ireland and the UK. Its always interesting when you travel to a new country and see little diffferances or approaches to situations you would never see at home. I'm curious to hear your experiances. 

Aug 3, 2014 9:52 AM
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I lived in London for few months in the past. I actually love that city. I've been very impressed from the high level of multiculturalism. One day on the tube I was surrounded by people from all the 5 continents

August 3, 2014

I've been to the United Kingdom, but I was there only for a brief 2 hour layover at Heathrow Airport in London, England before I was on my way to Germany. 

Nevertheless, I'm favourably (British Spelling) impressed by most Brits. It's cute how the Brits add an extra letter to the spelling of some English words ... haha ... Perhaps, I'm biased towards British people. I'm in love with my beautiful Anglo-American wife. She is always very proper, prompt, polite and well-mannered. She is aging with grace. I also get these same favourable impressions of most British people. I think that most Brits are also very intelligent, thoughtful and considerate. Many of the world's greatest scientists in history were British: Sir Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday and Charles Darwin, to name just a few. Today, many of the world's greatest scientists are either British or Anglo- American. There aren't very many people today who are any smarter than either Richard Dawkins or Stephen Hawkings. I also want to thank the British for spreading the beautiful English language throughout the world. British and American music rocks! Do British singers purposely sound American, to sell their music west of the Atlantic. haha ... just kidding ... American singers purposely sound English to sell their music east of the Atlantic. Many Brits have a witty sense of humour. (British spelling) I also want to thank the British for their bravery during WW2 and for saving the world from Nazi domination. The British people always manage to keep a stiff upper lip. I also enjoy the witty sense of humour (British spelling) that many Brits have. I do also like my tea time, although I like it mixed with some Jack Daniel's whiskey. haha

August 4, 2014

I've been to Wales serving behind the bar so I met many people there. In most cases they were very friendly and I enjoyed it there. UK si quite curious place compared to the continent. Few examples, you have got two faucets there, unusual power-points, drive in opposite side of the road, food and weather is different and so on..  :)

August 3, 2014

Oh! He is also very proud of his countryand its independance. He knows Irish language ( I know that not all Irish know it ) and wants his children to speak it as a mother-tongue. When Anastasia (Maria's mother) birthed twins , she called the boy Andrew coz it's her favourite name , and the girl's name is Keira - the Irish name. He also adores Galway , I know , when Maria , who was bornand grown in Moscow ,whichis a capital of Russia and  a very big city , called it "a town" (to say the truth , for her it looks like a village) , he was angry ,because it's "a city" :)

That's  a funny real story of one IrishmanI know.


P.S. I don't break any personal rights as my friend let me tell this story)))

August 3, 2014

I have never been to ireland or UK ,but my friend Maria's mother's  husband is Irish. Now they live athis home in Galway. I find him a funny pleasant man with a good sense of humuor and a big smile. He's not an alcoholic ( Ha ha. It's interesting but we Russians are also considered as vodka-drinkers ,but I know no vodka-drinker nor alcoholic , I'm 14 and as many teenagers around the world I have probed alcohol , but I even can't drink it ( seriously , I even don't drink coca cola , I have very sensefull taste-receptors) , my parents can drink a little on hollidays like the New Year or somebody's birthday , as  a rule , it's champagne or wine. As my nation has the same stereotype , I don't believe that Irishmen are alcoholics and Tony (his name) is a proof foe me) , but as " a typical Irish man" (his words) , he likes to drink a cup of beer after workweek in a Galway's pub. :) 

August 3, 2014
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