Talent and hard working, which one is more important?

I believe gift is unique,it allows people to become oustanding while hard-working never managed to reach a comparable level.......it is cruel but it is truth ; (

Aug 4, 2014 12:48 PM
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 Fifth,  the crux of the issue also can depend upon  where the "talent" or "gift" exhibits.


  For example,   any hard-working student,  taught by a   teacher with "talent" is going to demonstrate

an excellent ability with English speaking and writing.


   Alternatively,  a   "talented" student combined with a  "hard-working" teacher will probably demonstrate an excellent ability with English speaking and writing.


  Many students of English show that they  "work hard" but in   a confused manner at best.

This can be considered as the following kind of "hard-working":

(A) Wasted effort on the study of "slang" and idiomatic expressions.

(B) Wasted effort on superficial subject matter such as entertainments, amusements, and mere


(C)   Wasted effort  associated with reading Novels.

(D)   Wasted effort on  grammatical perfection.

(E)   Wasted effort  in which an unthinking acceptance of all that they read is demonstrated.

(F)   Wasted effort  on  study materials which fails to inform the student as to any meaningful knowledge of Philosophy,  Law, Science, Theology, Art, or History etc.



(Critical thinking skills are necessary


August 4, 2014



 The proposition can be considered from several  vantage points.


First,  it is a restrictive conclusion  because it concludes  oddly,  that   the performance of the "one"  is of greater benefit than the performance of the "many".  There is no specific data which shows that a  talented individual and their ability,  far outweights the benefit of the performance and ability of the "many".


   Secondly, the conclusion that any fact is "cruel" needs substantiation.

In that regard, I can indicated that it would be both non-factual and illogical to employ scientific evidences to obtain to a  conclusion as to a "cruel". Cruel is not a Scientific Criterion.


    Third,  "Truth" Criteria  remain  undefined as a paramater of the argument.


    Fourth,   I would challenge any "talented"  student of English to stand up comparably as to the ability of any single one of my

"hard-working" students  in   English speaking ability and English writing ability.

 I can train any hard-working  student to outperform any  talented  person regardless of their talent with language.



August 4, 2014

Why do you think it's truth? There is no clear evidence of this. We can't precisely say about one's advancement whether it's nature or nurture. In my view, apart from a gift or hard-working, there are tons of other factors which contribute to one's success. I wouldn't prioritize one over another.

August 4, 2014

Actually I don't think there is exact answer for this. Talent is something you already have and having some inborn skill will always take you far. But hardwork is more important because no matter how talented you are and you don't put up work at all youbcan be an epic fail

August 4, 2014

One man had a big gold ignot. He cherished it a lot and worried that someone could steal it. That's why he buried it in the ground near his house and every night had gone to his lovely place digged his adorable piece of gold, admired it, and buried again. However, one day he found out that it was stolen. His grief was boundless. Everyone felt sorry for him. Only one wise man didn't understand what he ground or not". 

The same with talent, if you don't use it, apptitude and talent is nothing. Vice versa, hardworking always gives result.

August 4, 2014
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