How do I say "there are six books here" in Farsi?

I am unsure of where to place اینجا and انجا in a sentence.

Aug 4, 2014 9:55 PM
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btw if u want to speak normal colloquial farsi, say oonja اونجا. don't say anja آنجا.

August 25, 2014

There are, there is means vojood daashan

There are six boxes in the yard = 6 ja'be dar hayaat vojood daarad( hast)

There is a chair in my room = sandali dar otaagham vojood daarad ( hast)

Here, there means injaa, aanjaa : demonstrations as that, this, the same, the very, such ,...

At this sentence =

اینجا ۶ جعبه وجود دارد/ اینجا ۶ جعبه هست/ ۶ جعبه در اینجا هست

Pay attention , in English use " there" as first part of a verb" there is/ there are

 And use " there" or " here" as adverb of place


In Persian use " inja= here" and " there= aanjaa" just   as adverb no part of a verb

We mean " there are/ there is" vojood daashtan

August 23, 2014

You can say :

در اینجا شش تا(6) کتاب وجود دارد ( بیان رسمی ).ت

اینجا شش تا کتاب وجود داره ( غیر رسمی).ت

but if you say: there are six books over there

You can say in Farsi(Persian):

آنجا شش تا کتاب وجود دارد


August 5, 2014


November 9, 2014

Mostafa, thank you for responding to this question.  Your response bumped it to the top of the thread.  It is exactly what I needed to know.  


Would someone please help me to understaned this sentence construction better.

Is the sentence structure that Jamshid wrote "در اینجا شش تا کتاب وجود دارد" commonly used?  


Is this correct? شش تا کتاب وجود دارد


I am trying to see if the در اینجا has the same purpose as "there" in English.

In English "There are six books." = "Six books exist." Of course, although they have the same meaning, they are used in different contexts.




November 9, 2014
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