Your favourite words in English and Farsi.

What are you Favourite words in either sound or meaning?


My favourite Farsi words are ژولیده and برو. zhulide has a beautiful sound and boro has an intense farsi sound which I like. 'Boro!' sounds much.


My favourite English words are coalesce and because it sounds nice and melancholy wistful and melancholy. 

Aug 6, 2014 9:19 AM
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I like 'motelazez" & zelzele.


February 14, 2015


Motelazez one of our complicated words ,with  Arabic grammar as these words


متلذذ کسی است که در لحظات خوشی به سر میبرد و مدام درحال لذت بردن است

متزلزل چیزی است که درلحظات فراز و نشیب به سر میبرد گاهی اوقات آدمها نیز متزلزل هستند!!!

February 16, 2015

and my favorite Persian word is... it's really hard for me to choose one, idk, may be coz it's my mother tongue.
i like " آب " beacuse its the very first word that we learn to write. it means water and it is prononced /ab/ "a" is a tense vowel like in car.
i like "دلنشین" it means pleasant and is prononced /delneshin/. the word is a compound word with two components del + neshin which means heart+seat. the whole word means something that seats in your heart or place itself in your heart.
i like " آژفنداک " /azhfændak/ it is not used in daily speech, it means rainbow
i like "آسمان" /aseman/ which means sky
i like " زیوش" /zivesh/ its a literary word meaning life, and lots of other words!! lol i couldnt find one at the begining!

September 24, 2014

در فارسی قشنگ ، 

English : awesome

August 7, 2014

فغان کین لولیان شوخ شیرین کار شهر آشوب، چنان بردند خواب از من که ترکان خوان یغما را


I think the most beautiful words in farsi are the words in this poem.

September 13, 2015
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