Italian food

I'am sure that all of you enjoy italian food. I suggest to you (if you have instagram) to keep an eye on account instagram called: ognigiornoincucina .

it offers a lot of delicious deals that you can try to make and  most of all you can train to read the tests in Italian ;)

what do you think about ???!!



Aug 6, 2014 8:31 PM
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deals? you mean meals? practise reading the recipes in Italian?! :-)

"I suggest/recommend (if you have instagram) keeping an eye on the instagram account ..... what do you think about IT?"

August 8, 2014

Despite the fact I'am italian and I know our food very well I'll keep an eye on this accont.

I love discovering new deals

August 6, 2014

penso che se vuoi mangiare il vero cibo italiano lo puoi mangiare solo in italia.



September 7, 2014

why not..

August 8, 2014